The Data Tracker

Tally Counter, Stopwatch and Interval Timer App

Data Trackers

Our Data Trackers are an all-in-one data collection tool that allows users to tally how often an event occurs, as well as, the duration of the event, with ease.


Included in the app are stopwatch, interval and countdown timers. Our interval and countdown timers alert users when the target time period ends to allow more focus on the collection of data.

Tally Counters

Use 1 of our 8 tally counters to easily track how often an event occurs or write the tallies yourself using the provided drawing pad.

All-In-One, Comprehensive Data Collection Tool

The Data Tracker allows users to collect duration and frequency data at the same time, with an easy-to-use interface.

This app includes large and responsive buttons to reduce errors when tracking data.

  • Stopwatch, Countdown and Interval Timers
  • Tally Counters
  • Open Writing Space
  • Type and Save Notes

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